General Campground Rules

Camping is on a reservation system. If you do not have a reservation, please see a host before choosing a site. Unattended camping vehicles and equipment cannot be left on a site unless fees are paid. Rented campsites must have a camping unit present to show the site is occupied.

Handicapped sites are reserved for persons with a state issued ADA license plate or mirror tag. The person who has been issued the tag must occupy the site. Only one (1) campsite may be rented by the individual.

No more than two (2) camping units allowed per site. Only one (1) of those units may be a wheeled or mobile camping unit. A second small or medium sized tent is allowed.

Camping is permitted at designated (numbered) sites only. A maximum of eight (8) people, including visitors, are allowed per site or shelter at Oak Thicket, and four (4) people per site at Park Prairie. Designated non-profit groups, such as scout troops, will be allowed some exemptions.

All vehicles, including visitors, must display a parking pass to park in the campground. Maximum of three (3) vehicles allowed per campsite (if site will accommodate). Boat trailers, wheeled camping units, automobiles, and motorcycles are counted as vehicles. Vehicles must be on the paved or gravel surface of the site.

No washing of campers, vehicles, or boats allowed in the recreation area.

Golf carts are permitted for use by RRM authorized personnel only. Motorized scooters are only allowed for those individuals with mobility impairment. Bicycles, skateboards, or scooter riding is prohibited from dusk to dawn. Safety helmets should be worn.

Maximum stay: 14 consecutive days. You must leave the campground for at least seven (7) days in order to return.

Check-in time is 3:00 PM and check-out time is 11:00 AM. There is NO exception to this (no early check-ins; no early check-outs).

Visitors are permitted between 5 AM through 8 PM.

Pets must be on a maximum 6 ft. leash or crated at all times. Pets are PROHIBITED at the cabins, shelters, on the beach, adjacent picnic areas, and inside the bathrooms. Owners must pick up after their pets. Pets cannot be left unattended at campsite and must accompany their owner when they leave the campground.

Quiet hours are from 10 PM through 6 AM. Disruptive campers may be asked to vacate the campground without reimbursement. Please turn off any music, generators, or disruptive lighting by 10 PM.

Place all trash in dumpsters except fish debris. Please contact the campground host on duty for instructions on disposal of fish scraps.

Campfires must be contained in metal fire rings. All firewood must be pre-cut and not include construction debris or pallets. No out of county firewood is allowed to be brought into the campground. Do not cut, damage, or drive nails into trees. No removal of limbs, brush, or any kind of wood from wooded area. Please do not burn trash in fire rings. Do not move fire rings.

Observe posted speed limit signs throughout the recreation area.

All appliances must be kept inside the camping unit (no freezers or refrigerators are to be outside).

Satellite dishes, power cords, and pet crates must remain within the impact zone of the campsite.

Dumping waste or gray water onto the ground is prohibited.

Public display alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Fireworks, firearms, glass bottles, or glass containers of any kind, and weapons are PROHIBITED.

All sites are back in only. NO crossway parking.

Campers and RVs are not allowed at the cabins and shelters. Only one (1) tent is allowed per shelter. Tents cannot be used at cabins.